Caring For Your Cast

  • Please allow your plaster cast to dry fully. The cast hardens in 5-10 minutes, but takes 2-3 days to reach its full strength.
  • Do not get your plaster cast wet. This will make your cast soft and ineffective. KEEP YOUR CAST DRY!
  • Synthetic casts are made of plastic and fiberglass. These casts harden and dry immediately, and reach maximum strength in about 20 minutes. And they are water resistant and light weight.
  • Check with your doctor to make sure you can get your synthetic cast wet.
  • Water will drain out of the lower end of your cast for several minutes. You may dry the exterior with a towel. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DRY WITHIN THE CAST. Do not cover the cast while it is drying.
  • Do not scratch under your cast. Do not use hangers or sharp objects to scratch. They can be harmful. You can try sprinkling baby powder into the end of your cast. The itching should subside.
  • You may experience some pain after your cast is applied. Remember to elevate your cast to reduce the swelling. If your cast continues to rub or you have continued pain, you may check with your Provider.
  • Make sure you elevate your cast higher then your heart. This will prevent swelling and help the healing process.